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Things You Need to Know before Buying a Lesbian Strap-on
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While the most common usage of a lesbian strap-on was once thought to be that of women having sex with other women, a quick search online will allow one to find that the usage of strapons have since widened and varied. It is no wonder that the wide usage of this once taboo tool is mainly due to the fact that it increases the experience during sexual encounters, making it possible for women to penetrate other women and even men.
How to Find One Online?
With so many online retailers at ones disposal, it’s easy to get ripped off. The best way to stay safe while making an online purchase is by keeping off fishy websites. One can always tell if an online retailer is legitimate or not by looking out for fantastical deals, or very cheap products. Another way of spotting fraudsters online is by looking for pop-up windows which appear multiple times while you are on a particular website. If you experience any of this, stop shopping immediately and close the browser windows.
What is Automatic Identity Theft Protection?
Not many people know of automatic identity theft protection, but it comes with most of the major credit cards. What this does is if a person notices any erroneous charges in their monthly statement after making a purchase online, one contact their credit card company which will then carry out an investigation on their behalf.
How many Types of Harnesses are There?
As you browse online for a lesbian strap-on, you will notice that there are two types of harnesses from which one can choose from. The first one is called the g-string harness. It has a single strap and runs between the legs. The second type is the jock style harness, which has two straps that run around the thighs. Choosing one will mainly depend on personal preference. Another important feature of the lesbian strap-on harness is that some have rings that keep the dildo or the vibrator in place, while others use a suction system. Again choosing one will depend on the personal preferences of the user.
Keeping it Clean?
Needless to say, while shopping for a lesbian strapon, one will also need to keep it clean. It’s easy to find water-based lubes on the websites selling the lesbian strap-on. If not then you can always find it at a local drug store. While cleaning instructions usually come with the product, you will need to use the right lube to keep your strapon dildo enjoyable and sanitized.
Ending Note
In the end, the most important thing will be comfort, which will mainly depend on adjustability and stability. With people, both gay and straight, finding out newer uses of strapons, it’s safe to say that the need for strapons will only increase in future, which will also lead to new designs and types of strapons. Luckily for us, there are websites which cater to these kinks, such as You can log on to the website to find the latest assortments of mind boggling harnesses and colors from which to choose from.


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