Legally Bound: How to Get in the Groove…Literally


Legally Bound: How to Get in the Groove…Literally


Strap In (or On) for the Time of Your Life!


There comes a time in every married couple’s life when the physical excitement and sexual arousal just fizzles out, leaving many a couple with playful spanks minus the hole in the floor. So, what does one do when that happens? Well, first off, sometimes all it takes is something a little more than vanilla thoughts and foreplay to relight that fire. Sometimes, all you need to do is notch it up a bit by bringing on a bit of kinkiness in your sex life.

This article is not going to be about the ups and downs of a couple’s sex life, but rather about using inventively shaped strap-ons, that can easily be considered as art objects, during sex which can be a great way to explore the sexually bizarre, but at the same time, the law-abiding side of kinky erotic sex. So, without offending the God-squad, just bear with me as we tick off the bullet points here.

 When someone mentions strap-ons, people usually think of girl-on-girl sex, which is well, not entirely true. A strap-on is more elaborate than your average sex toy and stepping into one may feel a bit odd at first, which mean it is going to take time to get comfortable with.

 For those who are not sure, the dildo fits into the front piece and the straps will need to be adjusted accordingly. While using a strap-on, remember to be very patient with these toys, with yourself and with your partner. At first, it will feel a bit awkward, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

 Always remember to use plenty of lubricant while using strap-ons, even on the dildo as well, along with the body part you are planning to use it on. To find the best lubricant that compliments your strap-on play, you can experiment with different brands.

 Now this is the serious part, so pay attention. The wearer should refrain from thrusting at first and allow the recipient to slowly engulf the strap-on dildo instead. Beginners should try doing it doggie-style at first.

 If the man wants to wear the harness, he can alternate by inserting his erection and the strap-on dildo into his partner or penetrate his partner by using both the strap-on dildo and his penis simultaneously into her vagina and anus, that is, if his partner is open to double penetration.

 When women wear the harness, the front piece will obviously be covering the clitoris. This enables women to enjoy the clitoral stimulation that results when the base of the dildo presses against them.

 Some couples also enjoy exploring simulated fellatio in which the receiver sucks on the strap-on dildo. However, this is not encouraged after the dildo has been used for anal sex.


Ending Note:


So, there you have it, armed with this information you should manage to have a very interesting night. Everything else will just have to go unwritten. In the end, remember this, smoke, drink and fuck because life is just too short. Besides, opening up to new and kinky sex toys like strap-ons, anal products and stimulators can add another dimension to your otherwise boring sex life.



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