Wow Stuffs: Say Goodbye to Boredom


Wow Stuffs: Say Goodbye to Boredom


Navigating Through Porny Waters!


Sex toys are in no way considered taboo these days, with everybody from teenagers to grandmothers into these pleasure enhancers. The bottom line is, sex toys are a great way of adding an element of excitement to a person’s sex life.


Picking Out the Right Sex Toy:


During your all out assault on traditional Christian values, you might find it hard to pick out a pecker that is right for you. So, the following should make your search for pleasure a lot easier.


The Right Stuff!


It’s a sex toy, so obviously, you will want a lot from it. But it’s important to realize that it is highly unlikely that you will find that perfect sex toy. Because people have their own requirements, it is important to first figure out what you want in your sex toy before you go out and buy it.


Blush, Flush and Redden:


While you will also want your dildo to look pretty, shopping for a sex toy based solely on its color is the perfect way of getting one which you will most probably will not enjoy, will not be able to use or leave you cursing and sore. OUCH!


Pulling Out More than Just the Cat from the Bag:


There are a truck load of brands out there, so it’s important to realize that not every single product of a particular brand will be “fun to use.” So, to keep you from swearing up and down, try going for different brands. Another thing is, limiting yourself to just a single brand of sex toys means that you might be missing out on others that could be way more fun to use.




Needless to say, most people that shop for sex toys need to stay within their budget. Because sex when you’re broke is just no fun… even with a dildo. But, hey if you can splurge out $300 for a vibrator, go for it.


Ending Note:


Using sex toys is all about fun, it’s all about doing things you are not supposed to do. Its’ just like when you are with your sweetie, and give her a kiss in a crowd while giving that cheek a squeeze. It’s all about

preparation, It’s all about working each other up to a frenzy and then reaping the monumental benefits of repeated orgasms.

For the girl, it feels great to be able to switch roles in the bedroom once in a while and do the banging for a change. For women, fucking with a strap-on dildo is not so much of a physical fuck as it is a mental one. When you can physically feel the strap-on, and have someone that you’re comfortable with, experience the entire situation with you. Someone who will be willing to just sit back, watch and really enjoy, that’s when the mind fuck can really happen.

If all this info has got you ready to navigate through porny waters, well then, you could surprise your partner by popping into the porn grocery store next time you’re out and get your hands on some high quality stuff from the dizzying array of bondage accessories that are on sale.


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